Fibre Forms

Econo Fibre Forms

Econo Fibre Forms are the fast and economical way to erect round concrete columns, piers and footing. These lightweight, rigid and easy-to handle forms require only a minimum of bracing. Econo Forms are also great for storing carpets and other rollable valuables in the attic or above the garage.

Premium Fibre Forms

Premium Fibre Forms are specially treated for outstanding weather and water resistance. During concrete curing, these forms leave in a superior, ultra-smooth concrete surface.

Premium Plus Fibre Forms

Premium Plus Fibre Forms are engineered for Columns in excess of 12 ft (3.6m) in length.


Voids are specially engineered forms used for voiding space, reducing the weight and costs in concrete structures.


Forms come in standard 12 foot (3.6m) lengths. Crown Fibre Tube can also custom manufacture to your needs and specifications.

  • Econo Fibre forms are available in diameters from 6” (15cm) to 12” (30cm) Nominal Diameters (Triple Nested)
  • Premium Fibre Forms are available in diameters from 6” (15cm) to 48” (122cm).
  • Premium Plus Fibre Forms available from 6” (15cm) to 48” (122cm).

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